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Jasmine Banks is Queer Black femme-inist living in Northwest Arkansas. "JustJasmineBlog" started as a space for Jasmine to write essays, process her experiences, and reflect on the question: does everyone experience this or is it "Just Jasmine?". Jasmine is a mental health activist, a mother, and a recovering semi-professional trash talker. In her professional life Jasmine is a Digital Organizer and Social Media Marketing professional. She also plays roller derby... because she has yet to find another way to be allowed to hit people without ending up in handcuffs. Adept at both roller derby and hugs, Jasmine is able to blend hard hits with soft words that bring across the exact sentiment necessary. Jasmine believes in radical authenticity and the process of working out our "stuff" in the context of community.  As Shirley Chisolm said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” Aligning with this belief means that Jasmine takes collective responsibility to others seriously.