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These are my thoughts, yo.

1st Birthday

jasmine banks

She was so small and gooey when she was born. Addison Roxanna Brown was 5lb 6oz. and 19 inches long. She arrived in one mighty push (I told them she was coming... they just didn't listen).  

Since her arrival she has been the smiling, jovial, outgoing, nurturing baby of my dreams. Can a baby heal your heart? She has. During my separation with Garrett, I would sit alone in the quiet house. Isaiah was asleep and nothing moved. She would just run her fingers through my hair as I rocked her and sang. It was just me and Addison. Frozen in time.

Now she is a whole year old. She is a walking, dancing, beautiful little person. So full of life and potential. She loves everyone, except that one strange man from the grocery store...


Happy Birthday to my wonderful Girl!