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Guest Post: #ProjectTotus Recipes


These are my thoughts, yo.

Guest Post: #ProjectTotus Recipes

jasmine banks

One of my childhood best friends, Ginger, is an interesting gal. She grew up with a mom who, well.... didn't really "cook". She was an amazing 'microwave'r most of the time. I remember have sleepovers with my sister, Paige, and Ginger and eating ungodly amounts of Hamburger helper at Ginger's house. It amazes me that the girl who grew up on high processed foods has discovered how to improve her eating habits and prepare wholesome and healthy meals for her family. Here is a great recipe she mentioned on facebook the other day. I am going to try it out and you should too! It is the first recipe in the #ProjectTotus #HealthyRecipe section that I am launching. The recipes you find don't have to be your own! The purpose is simply to catalog delicious and balanced recipes that celebrate our relationship with FOOD Enjoy!

Ginger cooks Butternut Squash Lasagna

I found a card earlier this year that on the front said:

“Butternut squash is a letdown, no butter, no nuts, just squash”. Then inside: “You never let me down”

Obviously, I had to buy this card in massive quantities and give it for everything from birthdays to get well cards, I found it just too hilarious to pass up. However, in all honesty I LOVE butternut squash, or all squash for that matter.

When Jasmine asked me to write a blog about my butternut squash lasagna my gut reaction was, how on Earth could I find enough to write? Or for that matter, who would care? Still whether or not anyone cares is a factor, but as I was lying in bed thinking of squash (I am 7 ½ months pregnant and always had a big appetite so food is a normal pre-bed/all day thought of mine) I realized that I have so much I can say about squash.

Being a military wife and not someone who is a big fan of change altogether I have mixed feelings about seasons changing. When my husband is deployed I am very excited and welcome on this sign that time is passing. During times like now when that dreaded deployment date is approaching it is hard for me to be excited about it. Now that fall has arrived it will soon be winter and then early spring will be another goodbye. I can easily get wrapped up in those thoughts which end up ruining half a year prior to a deployment. One thing I have found that helps me is to focus on the new foods that a change in season brings. Fall to me now means I get to bring out the butternut squash soup, butternut squash risotto, butternut squash lasagna, and just the plain steamed butternut squash with butter and brown sugar!

Growing up food was pretty straight forward. It either came from the freezer section or was Hamburger Helper with either a can of corn or a can of green beans. I am still discovering all types of food I like that I was previously convinced was “nasty”. I love to try and cook new things and I am slowly learning that you can make so much without a box that tells you to simply add water and stir. This month I was in the mood for brownies and I did not have the trusty box and decided to make it from scratch. When I told my husband brownies were ready he got a confused look on his face, “when did you go pick up brownie mix”?

My goal this last month has been to make a meal plan and stick to it, instead of daily acting as if it is a surprise at 5:30 that my husband will be on his way home and want to eat. Then of course when I don’t have a plan he suggests he just picks something up and Wendy’s saves the day.

Typically when I try out a new recipe, I hammer my husband for his opinions. Last night, I did not do such a thing, perhaps I thought if he did not realize it was good there would be more leftovers for me! Then without prompt he asks for seconds and states it is “REALLY good”. Ah, my plan was ruined! I have decided I am going to make another batch (or two) soon and freeze it so I can have an easy meal to make after we have our little girl mid-November. I am thinking it will make a great Thanksgiving dinner!

So in case you need to make your very own, and I assure you with my word as a foodie you do, here is the link to the recipe. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do in my house: 





*Image courtesy of via Ginger Walker