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A Lump: BRCA1 or BRCA2


These are my thoughts, yo.

A Lump: BRCA1 or BRCA2

jasmine banks


*potential trigger warning for individuals dealing with breast cancer trauma*  

I took that picture right before my tests because I have a sick sense of humor and that cape was so awful.

I've had a lump in my breast for a couple of weeks. My gynecologist looked at the lump. confirmed its existence, and suggested some antibiotics. Maybe it was a clogged duct from breastfeeding.

Another couple of weeks and the lump was bigger.

Another exam. More feeling around.

He confirmed it was bigger and that he was concerned. They gave me a sheet to write down all the cancer in on each side of my family. My uncle had breast cancer. He told the nurse to order an ultrasound at the hospital as soon as possible. He looked over the information on the sheet. "Jasmine, I know it is frightening, but even if this lump turns out to be nothing you should consider genetic counseling. You look like you could have the family history to potentially carry the BRCA gene. This would mean prophylactic treatment choices. BRCA isn't anything to mess around with." He just kept casually talking about cancer and my risks and mastectomies and removing my ovaries. Doctors can be weird like that.

Later that day they called me with the time I should arrive at the hospital for more testing. My boob was squished and evaluated and the radiologist report, " It looks to be just heterogenous material. Keep an eye on it, but it doesn't look concerning."

So no breast cancer. Because we were all thinking breast cancer. What a relief.

Still the genetic test lingers in the background.

A potential gene that could cause breast cancer in the future? My doctor called to evaluate the ultrasound results with me and said that phrase again: prophylactic treatment. "Jasmine, please consider testing and genetic counseling. You meet all the criteria and this could save your life in the future. Removing breast tissue could mean changing a survival rate." Um. Cool, bro. Geez.

So no cancer but the potential for cancer?

Don't we all have the potential for cancer?

I am thankful the lump is nothing.

I don't know what I am going to do about BCRA. I guess sometimes what you don't know could kill you.