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These are my thoughts, yo.

About Thaaaaaaat

jasmine banks

This weekend I am publishing a piece I've been working on for AWHILE now. I have had to work through the nuances with my friends and therapist concerning the topic. The topic? A relationship I had while G and I were separated. Lord have mercy, y'all. Sometimes when we fall... we fall hard. It can be a mess. I've received 5 messages. "You aren't writing... are you okay?"   So this post is to say that I have been writing. I just haven't been publishing. Writing, for me, is a lot like birth. Right before labor starts I turn inward. I get really quiet. Then BAM! Things are happening full force.  It is like I collect all my creative energy up and then birth something.

Actually, I am like that in most areas of my life.

Stay here with me, please? This next published piece was a hard one to write and even harder to live through.