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After You Let Go of Expectations...


These are my thoughts, yo.

After You Let Go of Expectations...

jasmine banks


I wrote this post.


After I wrote it I TRULY began to practice letting go of what I expected out of my life. I focused on being present, listening to my needs, and not becoming neurotic over things I could not control.

We were saying goodbye to the house... we couldn't control that right now, all we could do is say goodbye and look forward to starting over.

And then

Our loan provider called and said they would be letting us know in (hopefully) 2 weeks about reducing our loan payment.

That means we can rent our home out or get it sold easier/quicker.

That means that we can move and not have foreclosure on our record.

That means good news.

But I am trying not to have expectations. I am trying to embrace simplicity... I am....



Okay. I am friggin' excited and hope this works out.

I need a break.

Say a pray, light a candle, or whatever you do with me as I hope for this to work out.