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These are my thoughts, yo.

An Ironic 2012 Reflection on the first day of 2013

jasmine banks

Hey peeps! I am sure you are all recovering from your wild nights of partying. I didn't get crazy. I made a couple of  party appearances then I went to see Django Unchained. Quentin Tarantino is a genius. I pretty much rang (ringed?) in the New Year watching Jamie Foxx shoot people in the face. I covered my eyes, y'all. I have a sensitive heart. Today I wanted to chat about why you SHOULD look back. On the eve of New Year's Eve there was a steady stream of "don't look back" and "time to start anew blah blah" in my social media news feeds. It is easy to embrace this line of thinking. I can see why it is appealing to so many people. I confess, as well, it can be all to easy to become stuck in the past and what might have been. It can also be all too easy, though, to not be present. We struggle to embrace the here and now. So we are left with the predicament of trying to hold these two worlds in tension: we must remember our past and be present. To add to the pressure we are also called to imagine futures for ourselves.

All this work! I need a damn nap!


As much work as it may seem, we thrive when we do all three. The key? Balance.

Damn it, again!

SO this year I am headed into a new year reflecting on 2012 without judgment, striving to be fully present in 2013, while aspiring to envision a future 2014 for myself emboldened with hope.


* Also, Wordpress is making the format of this post weird...and I am going to leave it. Why? Because I keep trying to fix it and it keeps not doing what it is supposed to. Also, I am working on ACCEPTANCE. Booya.

Things in 2012

Went to Green Mountain at Fox Run

Started embracing telling my own story honestly

Ran into one of my husband's mistresses


Talked about the death of my brother

Decided I didn't need to be on The Biggest Loser

Performed in Listen To Your Mother


Started writing my memoir


Thing I am doing now

transitioning into a therapeutic separation

 making a plan to better manage my PCOS



working hard to be authentic in my journey


Embracing my friends and their support more than ever

Awesome(er) things I will do in 2014

Have finished my memoir

Applied and been accepted to a doctoral program

Reached my health goal

Taken myself on a solo vacation

Written a piece for three of my coveted online sites