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Arkansas Children's Hospital


These are my thoughts, yo.

Arkansas Children's Hospital

jasmine banks


At Addison's year check up our PCP talked to us about some worries he had concerning Addison's development. She had breast tissue developed, poor growth, and some other issues. He mentioned several things that could be causing her issues:  

  • Dwarfism
  • A brain tumor
  • Liver function issues
  • Failure to thrive

"Geez. I thought...those all sound like no big swig!" I promptly began to freak out and wondered what could be wrong with my baby. Our doctor said he was referring us to Arkansas Children's Hospital. When you hear those words it is hard not to be worried... after all the Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock is where some of the  worse of the worst cases go. So to be referred there, for me, meant doom and gloom. Garrett and I braced ourselves for our impending appointment and wondered where we might buy clothing for Addison if she, indeed, was a little person.


We arrived at Arkansas Children's Hospital at the Circle of Friends Endocrinology clinic. The whole situation reminded me of St.Jude Children's Hospital- I spent many a day there with my brother who died from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Addison was in great spirits and Garrett seemed cool and collected. We were somewhat happy as we realized it was one of the few times we were able to be alone with Addy. Special time for us, even if it meant the possibly awful reasons we could be alone at the hospital.





  The doctor finally came in and went over results. He concluded that he thinks the breast development was residual from breastfeeding so long (she is still breastfeeding), the liver function was worrisome because it could be Cystic Fibrosis (He sent us to take a test and it was NEGATIVE!!), and that someone must have charted her growth wrong because they marked her on the the 10th percentile. They drew blood to verify that she is not in precocious puberty.... and we await the results (still).

That day though, I was so thankful for Arkansas Children's Hospital. So many families go there to learn things that change their lives for the worst and best every single day. It is an amazing place, an irreplaceable resource and I am thankful it exists. Our Children's Hospital Endocrinologist assured us that he believes Addy's blood work will come back normal. We are thankful either way. Thankful for the hospital. For support and family. For our beautiful daughter Addison.