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Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged: Bedazzled Chacos, Y'all!

jasmine banks

Last year, I attended Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged Conference. I decided I needed some Chacos and I bedazzled them.... because I am looney. I'd show you pictures, but shortly after I returned from the conference I lost ALL of my computer content :(   I am headed to the conference again this year. This time I won't be pregnant. This time I'll be able to drink. If they thought I said off the wall shit LAST year, ooooh boy... hand me some wine and keep your conservative friends in their cabins is about to get crazy! * Do remember while reading this post that I do not have multiple personalities, Sadie and I were still blogging together the time this entry was posted.


The Brokins are going to Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged! Are you? If not... you should. All the cool kids are doing it, if you loved me you would, and all that other peer pressure stuff...

For real, though. We were offered an awesome opportunity to attend the inaugural conference and I am very excited.

We are super excited to meet new  women who share our passion for online voyeurism blogging. I am sure we will come back from the conference with fun stories, new insights, and a few mosquito bites. The conference is at Ozark Natural Science Center

I have been corresponding with Bethany Stephens over at Carpe Diem and I am pretty excited to visit, for the very first time, the Ozark Natural Science Center. She assures me that I won't need Chacos for this adventure I am about to undertake. Pssh.... I kid that I can't become *that* crunchy (I eat organic/local and use natural body products and frequently forget to shave my armpits, so technically I am already halfway there!).... but I have always wanted to revolutionize a trend. Come on Y'all. Say it with me: "BEDAZZLED CHACOS" Now I know, the term "bedazzle" takes you back to really badly crafted jean jackets and such, but have a little faith in me. Do I ever do tacky? I mean OTHER than the time(s) I posted about my vagina, or when I wore unitards that snapped in the crotch, or stirrup pants with oversized knitted sweaters, or when I went through that Tony Orlando phase...

OK GEEZ! I get the point- STOP ALREADY! I *might* have some issues with my taste. Alas I am what I am.

I digress.

Chacos. I am gonna buy 'em. I am gonna bedazzle 'em, and EVERYONE at the conference is going to want them. Just like everyone eventually decided that Tony Orlando WAS as awesome as I have always known he was is. You doubt me??? WHY else would they have given him his own theater in Branson!

Knock Three Times, Y'all!