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Bad Mommy Monday

jasmine banks

Ello internets! Good morning! Happy Monday (or is it?). For all the lurkers who used to read, we have considered bringing back "Bad Mommy Monday". For all who don't know, this was a weekly post where we get to admit, and joke about, the random things we do when we are parenting. I remember one lady posted that she told her son not to open the package that came in the mail because it was his Christmas present... turns out that is just what she said to keep him out of it, it was her new vibrator!! That was probably the most awesome BMM confession EVER!The thing is... if we bring back BMM, it means we've got to have people confessing. (And oh em gee! We KNOW other mommybloggers have a same sort of weekly post. Gah!)

Basically, we will determine if we will bring back BMM based on participation. We know most of our readers check in for a good laugh and then head back to their real lives... who has time to always comment?! (Not me!)

So there we have it. Feel free to confess for other people too, we don't mind y'all telling their business!

BMM- I may or may not tell Isaiah, on a somewhat weekly basis, that if he keeps driving me crazy I am going to ship him to the Middle East to collect rocks.

I may or may not like Addison more than Isaiah. (Okay. I totally do like her more).