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These are my thoughts, yo.

Better Bloggers Than Me

jasmine banks

Here is the reality... there is ALWAYS going to be a blogger/writer/person who is doing "it" better than you. Instead of hatin' on those people and pretending like I am the best, I prefer to let those people show me the ropes or serve as inspiration to up my game. Here is a list of blog/bloggers that I use as resources, inspiration, and everything else in between. I read these blogs weekly and if you were smart, you would too! Check out some awesome bloggers who know what they are doing!

Liz Henry-

Brandi Jeter-

Cecily Kellog-

Christine Candelaria-

Antoinette & Shanti- Around The Way Curls

Christina S. Brown-

Rebecca Woolf-

----------------------Arkansas Locals Worth Reading

Heidi Clark-

Lela Davidson-

Gwen & Shannon-

Amy James-

Julie Kohl-