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These are my thoughts, yo.

Blog Updates and FYE

jasmine banks

DUDE! This weekend was a whirlwind!  

-Addison turned a whole year old!  We had a fun party for her with lots of friends and family. It was grand.

-One of Garrett's family members yelled at me about my disapproval of guns and gave me some lame argument about if two men with bats get into fights. To which I interjected, "bats are non lethal in comparison to guns" and THAT was a bad idea. The person got all belligerent and yell-y and told me I had no real arguments against guns. I decided to just be quiet.

-I am still pregnant... COME ON JULY! I need a vacated uterus ASAP!

-Sadie left to a work conference.

- I discovered an amazing blog. GO read. SHE IS HILARIOUS


I sure thought more happened, guess not... guess I just did it all without Vodka (thanks pregnancy) so it seemed overwhelming. Meh. Moving on...



Here is Rosie Thomas FYE (for your enjoyment). I am feeling a little contemplative after Addison's birthday. Happy Tuesday, ya'll.

* Would have the video available here, but the embed codes are being wonky. Sorry :(


Kite Song