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These are my thoughts, yo.

Bridges Made From Bodies

jasmine banks

I see you Black women.
My fingers they trace the outline of all that you have made. 
The labor of what you have assembled is attributed to others. Their names are etched in the things your built. 
They threw parties celebrating their success when it was you who pried open your skin. You tried to save us with your body. You removed pieces of bone and you and built the things which white feet stand on and call their revolution.
I see you Black women.
We will take back your bones and you. We will kiss your forehead and put you back together. We will sing to you the songs only Black women know. We will bind the openings where your skin was pried back. We will lay our hands on the hurt places and heal them to scars, faint memories of sacrifice to an undeserving people. We will whisper words only Black women know and hold you until you come back together. We will remove the bridges from your back that demanded be built in the name of a unity that would never allow you to get free.