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These are my thoughts, yo.

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I Passed IAMBOSSY's Georgia Getz A Love Note

jasmine banks


I was a little cry cry after Blogher so I wasn't able to add all my "I love blogher" images and flotsum to the after conference flood. I wanted to, but my eyes and heart were tired and my brain was all "bitch sit down!" I did write this, which is my best attempts at saying thank you to everyone who held me together.  I am feeling less raw... so I wanted to post about the people I had the chance to spend time with.

I found bossy via Twitter and fell in love with her.

I saw her several times while walking around the conference.

I am never brave enough to walk up to the people I adore. I just like to play it all awkward. Make a random comment about their shoes or something, maybe pass them a note.

Georgia sat next to me in a session. She was about to leave after the session concluded. She got up and started walking away. I blurted, "BOSSY!" She looked around because she didn't know anyone, "Who called her name?" I awkwardly waved and then passed her a NOTE. Yes! I couldn't use my words, like a  big girl... so I wrote her a note. She looked at it confused and walked away.

About a moment later she stormed back in the room. "You've got to be kidding me! Come here! Give me a hug!"

We took a picture and she thanked me and I thanked her. She is unabashedly herself: Bossy. I dig that.

After she walked away. Heidi looked at me. My eyes were wide and I breathed quietly: "I.touched.Bossy."

Heidi broke out in hysterical laughter, "I love how much you love bloggers, she said."

It is true. I really do.

Especially bloggers like Bossy.


Tech Hacks and Tips for Blogher 13 (ALL THE BOOBS)

jasmine banks


Blogher 13 is approaching and everyone is extrapolating how to attend the conference. What to wear, what to bring, and who to meet lists are endlessly popping up on blogs. I was chatting with some folks the other day about Blogher 13 MUST HAVE technology. Someone said a helmet cam. BITCH PLEASE! Check out my first ever HOW TO and BLOGHER TIP video all in one! Try to compose yourselves... this is amazing.


jasmine banks

"Hello, This is your Captain, Depression, speaking."  

I don't just struggle with depression... I get my ass kicked by it.  People who interact with me from day to day hardly notice. Most people who know me tend to say, "I can't tell you even have depression."

Oh, you can't tell.

Probably because it took me 6 hours to talk myself into getting dressed and taking the dog to the vet. Because that is normal and all.

My sheer willpower is amazing. I really do WILL myself through a lot of my struggle. It makes me extra emotionally fatigued.

------------------ I wish I had an answer.

Meds? PFT. WTF.

I have some complicated medical problems that make meds difficult to manage and regulate.

Yoga. Tried it


Exercise. ALL the damn time

Cry. You bet.

Therapist. Saw so many, I decided to become one.

Prayer. Mmhmm

God. Tried Him, he built churches full of douchey people and they make depression worse. He needs to troubleshoot the system.

Sun lamp. boooooring



PTSD is part of the depressive diagnosis I have. Days run together feeling as though they will never end. I want to get better. I wish I had a WEEK, just a week, where I didn't feel so....


Writing helps.

But then people think you aren't capable, that you are an unreliable mess. Then you feel the need to hide.

This month has been rough.

Tomorrow I am going to try and get up, brush my hair, and get dressed for the day.


Depression is a liar, y'all.


Maybe I should try electro-shock therapy.