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Cheap Sally #bringhomethebacon: Vote TODAY for Stephanie McCratic!


These are my thoughts, yo.

Cheap Sally #bringhomethebacon: Vote TODAY for Stephanie McCratic!

jasmine banks


I am a feminist. SURPRISE! Just kidding... I'm sure you have figured that out by now. I say that only to explain a line of thinking... one which isn't unique. It is the line of thinking in feminist thought that if

one woman succeeds, it creates space for us all to succeed.

This is true about more than just women (obviously)... but in this attitude I like to encourage other strong, smart, and capable women. Which leads me to Stephanie McCratic. I met Steph at a blogger meet up and was immediately  struck by her forthright attitude and tenacity.  She is the blogger extraordinaire at







After I had my little chubby lumpkin, Ms. Stepahnie, who didn't know me from the stalker next door, came over to my house and brought me a creamy- delicious- cheesey-southern meal to help me recover. Along with a baby gift.  She is, I found out, a genuine human being and a

Today you can support Stephanie, a kickass woman, by helping her win the CheapSally Contest, of which she is a finalist! Why should you support her? Well... I think that she will be an honest and capable bloggess who will represent Cheap Sally well. <---- That was the polite way of saying that when it comes to money and saving, this gal isn't a bullshitter.

Follow the link. VOTE VOTE VOTE for her and help her win. Because when one woman wins, we all win.

Vote for Stephanie McCratic so she can win the Cheap Sally #bringhomethebacon contest and take me to Bordinos for dinner ;)


Head here to vote!