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Coffee Mate® Natural Bliss Creamer{Sponsored}


These are my thoughts, yo.

Coffee Mate® Natural Bliss Creamer{Sponsored}

jasmine banks


I am not a coffee creamers kind of person. My philosophy is that coffee, with both complex and subtle flavors, should be enjoyed unadulterated without the fancy shmancy coffee creamers that leave your coffee tasting more like a milk shake than the blessed caffeinated drink. So when I was perusing the dairy refrigerated section at Wal-Mart,  I was surprised to see Coffee Mate®Natural Bliss Creamer. My attention was peaked because I love sweet cream flavor. I took it home and ... well... y'all.... I drank a bottle of creamer in a day or two. Eeesh.

So when Social Fabric offered a chance to shop and review Coffee Mate® Natural Bliss Creamer I jumped at the chance.  I knew where to find the product, in the dairy aisle, and  I came home from my shopping trip already knowing I was in LOVE with Natural Bliss.

I whipped out my oh-so-not-environmentally-friendly-indulgent Keurig and brewed a perfect cup of coffee. It is summer, after all, so this coffee quickly got cooled down with some ice. Mmmmm. A delicious treat.

Here is the thing:

My first thought is that whole foods are much much better than processed foods. People should choose foods that have names you recognize and you can trace their origin, preferably, and origin that didn't come from a chemistry lab. In our world, though, convenience is a big deal. People wake up in the morning and rush around and are looking for ways to skip steps. Coffee Mate® Natural Bliss coffee creamer is a "convenience" that I can feel good about because it has only 4 ingredients.

  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Cream
  • Natural Flavorings
I am a bit sketchy about what "natural flavorings" actually means... but overall, if you gotta drink your coffee with creamer, THIS is the one to choose.
Even Garrett who is not a coffee drinker  made himself a lovely iced coffee with this goodness.
Check out the link here for a Wal-Mart®  coupon to try Coffee Mate® Natural Bliss creamer for yourself.  I even went back and got the Carmel flavored Coffee Mate® Natural Bliss creamer. I wasn't disappointed.

You can see my shopping experience HERE. Check out the Natural Bliss Facebook page and follow #NaturalBlissWM hashtag to see all the cool things people are doing with Coffee Mate® Natural Bliss creamers (I heard someone used Sweet Cream flavor to make Mac & Cheese!).  This creamer will be stickin' around my house for awhile.











“This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions are my own.