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These are my thoughts, yo.

Conversations About Pregnancy: Yes! I Totally Talk Like This ALL the Time!

jasmine banks

I've said it here before and I'll say it again. What you read in my blog is truly the authentic me. I AM the unrefined and crass and creative and lovely and confusing beast that my blog displays me as... and the conversations, snark, sarcasm, and off color jokes are totally not forced. They flow out of me freely, unlike babies .  At this point we are still waiting. Which is why this conversation happened via email:  



How are you feeling today? How are the contractions? How is Brother Bear treating you?



He is currently in his room because he decided it was way more awesome to stay in there than clean up the mess he made this morning. He is also screaming a lot.


Sorry he is acting like that. So weird. How is your body feeling?


....much later



I am having stronger contractions! I need you to come home. I need your sperm!



Okay. I will be home soonish, I planned on coming home at 300 so I will just leave at 230.



Okay. Nevermind. If it'll take you that long there is no point. I am sure they'll sputter out by then... I retract the sperm-signal. It is like the Bat Signal, but way cooler.