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Crystal Body Deodorant: #CrystalRollOn Fightin' the Funk!


These are my thoughts, yo.

Crystal Body Deodorant: #CrystalRollOn Fightin' the Funk!

jasmine banks


I have something delicate to discuss with Y'all. My *ahem* body odor. I didn't USED to have the big B.O.

That is, until I made the switch to natural deodorant. I tried  J.A.S.O.N first, then the Thai Crystal, then Tom's of Maine.  My best friend and fellow body product obsessed homegirl, Ms. Sadie Perkins, and I would discuss how we were all for the natural route but we had the sneaking suspicion that we were funky smelling AND smelled a bit like Patchouli (not a great combination). The other natural deodorants were only masking the odor, we agreed. I would try those other deodorants, sweat, smell myself and run back to the other guys. All I can say is that I hoped right back on the "rubbing harmful chemicals into your armpit train." Is that a train? (I guess it is now!)

So when I heard that Collective Bias was handing out chances to try Crystal Body Deodorant I jumped on board (Okay! Enough with the train metaphors!). I grabbed my Crystal Body Deodorant from my local Wal-Mart and began my underarm therapy experiment. This is the outcome of said experiment:

I like it!


  • During Project Totus I have been running and working out more than I ever have. This roll on stood up to said funktafying activities. Translation: When highly active you don't STINK!
  • There are no harsh chemical additives
  • It is fragrance free. So you get to skip the whole "sweaty Geranium" scent that I can't handle from other natural deodorants
  • Crystal Body Deodorant Roll is inexpensive, coming at under 5 dollars makes it one of the more affordable natural deodorants.
  • It is hypoallergenic and Paraben-free. That means people like me with extremely sensitive skin don't get all red and irritated and itchy. 
I thought the only disappointing thing about the Crystal Body Deodorant was the packaging. It looks, well, a little out dated and in comparison to other natural deodorants it falls short. Function over Fashion, Y'all... but I likes my pretty packages! Just sayin'.

Disclosure: This review has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. Collective Bias provided the free Body Odor fighter ;) Irregardless..  All opinions expressed are my own and are honest representations of said funk fighter deodorant.