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These are my thoughts, yo.

Dear Mrs. Hall, I wish you would have written that letter when I was a little girl...

jasmine banks

Dear Mrs. Hall,  


So I read your letter about your sons or whatever. I felt a little uncomfortable with your approach. Do you SERIOUSLY wade through all of the images on your children's social media platforms. WHOA dude! Way to be dedicated to the cause. I can't imagine the level of work that takes and how vigilant you have to be to keep them from seeing what they can't unsee: a girl in a towel. Hope you don't take them to the beach or let them watch TV either. Girls in towels are every-fucking-where! It sounds like you might want to start saving for bail money now. By your description you've outlined young men who aren't very controlled with impulses. Once they see something "sexual" they can't stop thinking about it. When you take a break from sifting through their social media do you also have to help them do daily life tasks as well, since I assume they have no time or productivity because OMG ALL THEY CAN THINK ABOUT IS THAT BRA-LESS GIRL.

Enough with the hyperbole from me, that isn't helping anyone.

Lets talk about how you use phrases like "usually smart" and "women of character" to set up a comparison to girls who go without bras or pose in certain ways. Since I am going to assume you are an educated "woman of character", we both know these dichotomoies that you established are logical fallacies. Hasty generalizations don't help anyone, Mrs. Hall. One doesn't equate the other. Moreover they are Argumentum Ad Hominem. I guess I just don't like the way you've set you and, by proxy, your sons as these pillars of value that these girls should be striving toward. Which is interesting since the only real things you listed they do to obtain your favor are change their poses, put on bras, and not wear towels in pictures. Raise your standards lady.

Your letter is getting a lot of attention. I just wish you'd have said something of substance, yo. Lets talk about how these girls are being obnoxious with the selfies. THERE IS MORE IN THE WORLD THAN THEM. Lets encourage them to go explore, take pictures in other places besides their bathrooms/bedrooms. Find wonder in the world. THAT would make them women of character. I read that you feel like you are "old school" and that the pictures you are trying to protect your boys from put your quest to make them men of integrity at jeopardy. May I be so bold to say that if you YOU are teaching them that the actions of others hold more power than their internal value systems then you've already failed to teach them about integrity... Integrity is not what we develop in the absence of things that challenge us, but in the FACE of the things that challenge us. If you think braless girls are the biggest threat to a man's integrity we should have a serious sit down, because the world is going to frighten the shit out of you, lady.

Your letter seems to our boys in jeapordy more than any duckface girl in a towel, yo. Because once we teach men and women that the things they see and experience hold more power over who they decide to be and how they act, we have planted the belief that they are not solely responsible for how they live.

On another note. I am so thankful I now I have Leif Garrett's excessively unbuttoned shirts  and distracting bulge to blame on my poor life choices. I wish your letter had been around for me... this explains so much.

Leif Garrett