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Did Morgan Freeman Just Piss Me Off?


These are my thoughts, yo.

Did Morgan Freeman Just Piss Me Off?

jasmine banks


I am sure y'all are worried. OF all the people I have picked a fight with you are thinking...."this woman had better NOT be bad mouthin' our beloved Morgan Freeman." It is true. I am about to open a can on Morgan Freeman. I feel a little insecure about it, because, you know, he has played the voice of God and all... but when it comes down to doing what is right you just have to do what is right.

Garrett was reading me a quote from the other day. He exclaimed, "Jasmine! Morgan Freeman said Barack Obama isn't the first Black president." I shrugged thinking that OF COURSE misquoted the undeniably amazing Mr. Freeman, because no asshole would say something like that out loud... or at least to be quoted. I grabbed my laptop and followed Politico's source, NPR, and as it turns out Morgan Dead-to-me Freeman DID say what was sited.

Now, let me clarify that I have put up with this bullshit my whole life. I have dealt with being called "high yellow" the girl with the "good hair" and not being "black enough." My mother is Belgian and Cherokee and my father is African American. My birth certificate says African American. I was raised as a Black woman with proud Black and African American roots-- though I've fought hard to be respected as such. I got the shake down from both sides. I was never white enough for the White people and never black enough for the Black people. I have been told that I don't sound Black, my nose doesn't look Black, and I just don't seem Black... not that I ever knew what any of those things even meant. But when Morgan Fucking Freeman decides to weigh in on the conversation and say we have NOT had our first BLACK president, but that we've only had our first MIXED RACE president, I am prone to pull the bullshit card.

Bullshit Morgan Freeman. Bullshit.

I watched African American Lives 2, Morgan. I learned, right along with the other fascinated  PBS viewers, that your slave lineage has some "mixed race" as well. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. totally outed you, man.  So do we get to call you a mixed race actor? Do you get a lower ranking in Essence Magazine because you are not "Black", but just "mixed race". More to the point, I am pretty sure Bill Clinton and all the other White presidents have "mixed race" and so technically President Obama isn't the first "mixed race president."  I am not trying to enforce the one drop rule, but I am saying  DUDE. MORGAN FREEMAN!... BARACK OBAMA is black. No one is hatin' on you or reframing your heritage because you have some Indian cheekbones in your lineage.

I think what you meant to say to NPR is that you are a racist. Like so many other people you look at other African Americans with distinct Caucasian heritage and label them as "not Black" or "not Black enough." I am pretty sure that is the very definition of racism. You are engaging in racial hierarchy and you need to knock that shit off.  You make it hard for people like me and Barack to enter into the race conversation because we automatically get disqualified. We don't carry the "Black card". It is sad, Morgan Freeman, that you moved from my "People I want to narrate my life list" to  my "Racist Assholes" list.

We BLACK PEOPLE (YES WE) have a hard enough time in society, Morgan. Can we stop with the inter-minority racism? It doesn't help anyone's cause. You were interviewed by MSNBC back in 2005 about race:

"The actor says he believes the labels "black" and "white" are an obstacle to beating racism.

"I am going to stop calling you a white man and I'm going to ask you to stop calling me a black man," Freeman says.

Well , Morgan Freeman. It seems as though seven years time was enough time for you to decide that "beating racism" wasn't so much for you and that you'd join the likes of my racist   junior high peers who called me "Oreo."

Knock that shit off, Morgan Freeman.