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Did We Break Him?


These are my thoughts, yo.

Did We Break Him?

jasmine banks


Dear Reader,  

This morning as I write this a four year old is chatting with his CandyLand game pieces, "No! I am going to win...good try Red! Better move your bum to the train tunnel."

He is creative, outspoken, kind, funny....and anxious.

Recently I had to take Isaiah to see a therapist. I was prompted to do so by some of the people who care for him, as they were noticing how easily freaked out he could become. Isaiah was seen by a play therapist. She diagnosed him with adjustment disorder.  Over the last year Isaiah's dad and I have had a rough go of our marriage. We've been separated for some time now and that has taken a toll on Isaiah.

He begs in the morning not to go to preschool.

He tears up and has fits of explosive anger for the slightest of reasons. Hitting and screaming and crying and then begging to be held.


As a parent, I tried as best as I could to shield Isaiah from the turmoil my marriage was/is experiencing...but kids are smart.

What do I do?

Do I take him out of preschool so he can stay home longer? Do I take him to the therapist and accept the "adjustment disorder" diagnoses? What books do I read? How do I deal with it?!!!

I am not a spanker.... but I have used it over the last couple of weeks and well. IT DOESN'T work. Neither does redirection, positive reinforcement, options, consequences, or any other thing.



Frustrated Parent