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These are my thoughts, yo.

Don't Be Sad On The Internet

jasmine banks

When I learned that Teej died, I never thought: "how I will grieve publicly on the internet." No one thinks those things. We barely have time to figure out what we are having for dinner because we are trying not to buckle under the soul crushing grief.  So when I found myself staring at that white square, wondering "what should I say," I never formally planned to bring my grief front and center. I just decided I  needed to do what I always do. Be me. So I posted about my sadness and about the deep pain and loss I was experiencing. And I felt uncomfortable. I felt uncomfortable because I knew that other people would be uncomfortable. When you show too much online people get uncomfortable.

But  I am sad. I feel overburdened and deeply wounded by grief and sadness and I don't know how else to hold it up, other than to unload it in a picture, or a status update, or a tweet.

So I am not trying to bum anyone out... I am just trying to process the best way I can.