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These are my thoughts, yo.

Don't Read this Trash. It Isn't About Anything.

jasmine banks

I dropped my Diva Cup in the toilet tonight on accident. I don't even know why I have to write the last part of that sentence. I can't imagine anyone purposely dropping their Diva Cup in the toilet. Wait. Maybe I do. Those people are probably people who support Donald Trump. Just kidding Donald Trump supporters don't use the Diva Cup. They cut up pieces of the Confederate Flag and use it to bleed on. I hate everyone right now. It could be because it is day one of my period and I googled if I could boil my Diva Cup to disinfect it or maybe it is just our political atmosphere. Likely both. Today a white lady whitesplained why some people might vote for Trump. She said some people support him because he doesn't want to regulate vaccinations. Cool. So he won't regulate vaccinations. You are right, lady. minorities can't get vaccinated if they are shipped out of the country because they "look like Muslims." I wanted to respond to her: "shut the fuck up, you are insane." But then I got worried about my White friends saying I am angry all the time. My freedom of speech is limited, unless I want to lose all my friends, and continue to not get hired in this town... then I could just say what I want. It is true, y'all.  I'm not fun to hang out with lately, because I am pretty angry all the time.

That is all.