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Dope Black Women: Angela Davis Johnson


These are my thoughts, yo.

Dope Black Women: Angela Davis Johnson

jasmine banks

I found Angela Davis Johnson at an art show I agreed to go to in order to support an artist in our community. I arrived at the art center, expecting to roll my eyes and play along. This is something I often have to do. I was once invited to a private art show in a community member's home. The art subject was about white women being erased from "their own stories." That night I ate way too many overcooked appetizers in order to avoid a conversation about that art. Needless to say, the moment I laid my eyes on Angela's art my spine stiffened. The first piece I saw was titled "Hands Up." It was over. I was in love and I've followed her work ever since. I am currently working hard to bring her art to a showing in Siloam Springs, but for now YOU should get to know Angela.

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The art below is from her Missing Women Series Titled "She Has a Name"

Angela is so dope and this artist is a gift to us! She needs our support and her message and voice needs to be heard. Do your part to lift as your climb.