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Double Dates at 28 Springs and Racism


These are my thoughts, yo.

Double Dates at 28 Springs and Racism

jasmine banks


I haven't been on a double date in for- evah! So it was exciting when our newest friends Courtney and Allen decided to join us at 28 Springs, Siloam's newest "lets pretend like we aren't surrounded by Wal-Mart and Chickens" restaurant. 28 Springs does a great job at being fabulous. Their waitstaff are friendly, knowledgeable, and great sports. Their food is creative, clean, and OH SO delicious. Their restaurant is just beautiful with a comfortable atmosphere. Our evening was hilarious. We told stories, laughed, laughed, swore loudly, laughed, and ate until we got that glazy "I want to eat more but my body won't let me" look. I knew the night was going to be awesome when our waitstaff greeted us and I had to request that they change the channel on the TV because Romney was on. When she said could do that I retorted, "Good... because I wouldn't want to have to tell the Chef that you are a racist." She laughed and without missing a beat replied, "Yeah... he doesn't like to hire racists much."


It was pretty much downhill from there... or uphill, depending on your taste in humor. Some of our gems:


No.... it isn't snatchface, it is cunt-y

Oh yeah? Do you enjoy watching the looky box?

Where is my forty acres and a MULE!!!

I should really stop eating these fries...but.... *nom* *nom* *nom*

OKAY FINE! If y'all are going to leave the egg sitting there I am just going to eat it!

Oh you don't look Brazillian... you look Mexican....

I don't see color.

Mmmm... seriously... these fries.

It was one of those amazing nights were personalities just click, the food was astounding, and the laughter just rolled out. I wore sexy shoes, red lips, kitten nails, and I am STILL full from the fries.