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Ease Arts Supply, Fayetteville Arkansas


These are my thoughts, yo.

Ease Arts Supply, Fayetteville Arkansas

jasmine banks


The other night was my night away from the kids. I decided to spend it with Garrett in Fayetteville. Ease Arts Supply is one of the best kept secrets in Fayetteville, Arkanasas. It is owned by two of the most wonderfully spirited people, Rachel and Zac. They are kind and gentle and so welcoming.  Which make their name, Ease Arts Supply, so suitable! We always love supporting local businesses. For this date night we decided to paint pottery. I made a vase in celebration of Valentine's Day and Garrett painted a mug. Obviously mine was better...

I'll be sure to post pictures when we get our pieces back from being fired. IF you are in Fayetteville and are looking for an awesome and creative date check out Ease Arts Supply. I dream of one day having all of my serving dishes custom handmade by Rachel and Zac and glazed a beautiful green.

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