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These are my thoughts, yo.

Errbody Talkin' Bout Diabetes!

jasmine banks

Everybody is all up in arms about Paula Deen's announcement.  Some people are saying it seemed obvious because of the way she ate, some people are tsk tsking her recipe choices, and some people are writing about her as if she needs to promptly provide a last will and testament. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes at the end of junior high. My hemoglobin A1C showed frightening levels of blood glucose and I was promptly put on a Glucophage, or Metformin a some know it. I took Glucophage through highschool and into my freshman year of college. The summer before my freshman year I came across a book called The Maker's Diet. I was all about the "new" diets back them (which ALSO wreaked havoc on my blood sugar levels!) This book was the first step in me learning about whole foods, organic and natural living, and looking at food in a different lens. During one of my routine physicals my primary care physician suggested I try a new drug for Diabetes type two. I shrugged, still not being very educated about my body, and agreed. I started Byetta. I had to do Byetta injections two times a day. All of the drugs combined left me feeling sick, nauseated, and shakey. When I talked to my doctor about it the refrain was, "what is better... side effects or type two diabetes?"


Seriously? That is my answer?


Being the stubborn as hell person I am and always will be (thank GOD!), I decided I was going OFF my meds. I began educating myself about foods, body chemistry, and nutrition. I took running back up, started attending step aerobics classes, and revamped the way I ate. We began to eat organic plant heavy meals. Today we are primarily vegetarian in the way we eat (though I still enjoy a sirloin when I go out to quality restaurants). Food slowly has taken the role of nourishment instead of entertainment, with my focus being to jam pack as much nutrition in one meal. I still eat highly processed foods and sugar, they just aren't the main staple of my life as they were before. After several years of really quality blood test results my physician gave me the green light to stop ALL meds. ( DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR DOCTORS APPROVAL!!!!)

My tests showed that I could no longer be classified as diabetic. He said I reversed my diabetes.

I guess that is why I didn't freak out about Paula Deen's announcement. I figured that if me with my limited resources could find a way out of the Type Two Diabetes diagnoses surely a savvy lady like Ms. Deen could too.

Oh! By the way...

I still eat butter.