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FanGirl Freak Out: Freaky Perfect and Amy Bradley-Hole


These are my thoughts, yo.

FanGirl Freak Out: Freaky Perfect and Amy Bradley-Hole

jasmine banks


I saw Amy Hole, Amy Benton, Amy Benton Bradley, Am.... OMG! YOU HAVE SO MANY NAMES! (now I know how people feel about Jasmine Banks Brown). I saw Amy speak on a panel at Blogher in New York. I was an instant fan. I sat, ignoring everything she was saying on the panel and scoped out her blog on my laptop. I discovered she was from Arkansas and she was a kick ass writer. She was politically savvy and a whole lot of sassy. She was/is also kind of internet famous, so when I requested her friendship on Facebook, I figured she'd ignore me.

*side note* please don't tell Facebook I friended someone I don't know in real life. I've had enough trouble with them and my breastfeeding pics and where else am I going to obnoxiously update about every area of my life if I don't have Facebook? *end side note*

So when I sent Amy the Facebook equivalent of "Do you love me/do you want to be my friend/Check yes or no" (tips hat to George Strait) and she said YES. I freaked out.

Mhmm. I did.

Just like the time I hugged the Feminist Breeder, gushed admiration for Mr.Lady in the hallway at Blogher, and cried about LoveBrownSugar.

I am a blogger who loves bloggers! I always have. I always will. No matter how much traffic I get, I will still adore all the bloggers I've lurked and loved.

::Also. I don't want to drop names, but Jory Des Jardins friended me on Facebook... so I am on my way to becoming a big deal::

Amy tagged me on Facebook the other day letting me know that I made an appearance on her blog. I squealed and checked it out. I promptly hyperventilated as I read about her devotion to grammar because, "OH MY GAWD how is she even my friend (on Facebook) I don't even know when to use "use to" or "used to". <---- or quotation marks.

Then I saw what she was referring to.

Freaky Perfect

That's right people. I made a cameo. On Freaky Perfect. THE blog of Amy Benton Bradley WAY TOO MANY NAMES Hole. Sure, it was a Facebook conversation of me kissing her ass... but I'll take what I can get! I am, after all, a total fan girl. Fangirl? DAMN IT, AMY! Now I have a complex.


Do you have any bloggers you get REALLY excited about? Fangirl style? Besides ME {obviously}