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These are my thoughts, yo.

For Your Enjoyment

jasmine banks

If you are new around these parts you may not know about FYE. FYE is something Sadie and I do because we are thoroughly convinced our taste preferences are just far more superior to everyone elses. We have also taken it upon ourselves to mock other people's choices, unapologetic, and introduce our hoard to what we love. Okay. I am kidding about some of that... *sorta*. SO when you see FYE. You can know that it is something we have chosen for your enjoyment. It will obviously ALWAYS be something highbrow and earth shattering inspirational. Today music. The good kind. FYE. *disclaimer*

Florence and the Machine are amazing, vocally... um...  but I can't account for why they hired smurfettes for their video. Ignore that part.