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These are my thoughts, yo.

FYE Cranky Pants

jasmine banks

Norah has many levels of cranky. There is kind of cranky, when she just sort of stares at you like you are an idiot and grunts responses to anything you ask. Then there is mid-level cranky, when she will take her blanket out of her mouth and emphatically screech "NO!" or "GRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHGGG!" to my questions or requests. These screeches are usually accompanied by flying fists or feet. And then there is mondo level cranky, times when even looking at her can elicit an explosion, when the roof blows off the top of the house with the force of her fits, the windows crack at the sound of her anger, and Max spontaneously implodes because of her wrath. I saw this today and it cracked me up. You can probably imagine why.