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Ghost Hunting

jasmine banks

One of my favorite shows currently is Ghost Adventures. Rusty asks me all the time what the appeal is for me, and really I don't know. Something about the adrenaline of being scared, the suspense of the unknown, all that stuff. I just love this show. And sure, most of it is just a bunch of hooey, but I don't care, I love it anyway. If you've never watched the show, you really need to. The basic premise is, these three dudes go to all these haunted locations and do an overnight lockdown. They spend the night in these haunted places and wander around yelling at ghosts, flexing their muscles and then screaming like little girls when they hear bumps in the night. Approximately 80% of the show is bleeped out because of their scared cursing, whole chunks of the show go something like this: "If you are the one who is running around scaring kids and old men, then show yourself! Make a noise! Make yourself        *BAM*     WHAT IN THE BLEEPITY BLEEPER BLEEPY WAS THAT?! DID YOU HEAR THAT?!" And more than likely "that" was a rat or a racoon.

And that's how it goes. Three dudes running around in dark buildings yelling at ghosts, filling their character roles perfectly. Zak is the leader, the big one, all hopped up and muscle-y. He's the main yeller, the one to provoke the most, because he's the tough guy. But of course he has a deep side as well, busting out with deep thoughts like "Alot of people forget that when you are dealing with ghosts, you are dealing with someone who used to be alive". And then there's Nick, the nerdy one. He's much smaller than Zak, much more spindly and serious about what he does. And Aaron, the goof off. He always gets sent to the creepiest rooms in the building alone, because well, that's good television.

I can't help myself. I love this show. I love it when they yell at ghosts and then scream when they hear noises. I love it when they catch EVPs and replay them for the viewers and what sounds like a bunch of white noise and shuffling at first, quickly becomes ghostly messages when the team flashes captions of the ghost talk up on the screen. Suddenly, normal empty house noises become threatening ghost words, and inexplicably, once I read the caption, I can totally hear the words from the ghost. Nothing like the power of persuasion.

So tomorrow, Rusty and I are going to be taking a little mini-break and we happen to be staying in a haunted hotel. I'll have to stock up on my digital recorder batteries so I can catch some sweet EVPs and then send them in to Ghost Adventures. : )