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Gosh Darn It and Other Culturally Relative Acts


These are my thoughts, yo.

Gosh Darn It and Other Culturally Relative Acts

jasmine banks


The other day on The Facebook. My Twitter fed this status update:





Isaiah has been struggling a lot lately with some explosive anger and it is HARD. I didn't think much of the tweet, until...




I responded and this is the conversation that took place:


















I have had someone make comments on my Facebook page before about language. I once said, "when in the hell is this kid gonna nap?" Then I received a comment about how I should, as a Christian, be ashamed of my language.  ASHAMED?

This particular conversation was very interesting and had me thinking about belief and what some people choose to emphasis as important. When I said that I think language is language, that it is relative I was being very serious. I believe "gosh darn it" is the same as "goddamn it".  Language is relative to culture, yo. I also stand by the statement that I can think of a lot uglier words than goddamn. What was interesting was her response to me saying that God Almighty is relative:

"Well, okay! That explains a lot."

I don't exactly know what that comment means, but I do know that as I said in the comment thread, God Almighty is different to each of us. YOUR God Almighty tells you saying goddamn is a horrific thing and saying "gosh darn it "or "dang it" is totally Kosher ...assuming your God recognizes the laws of Kosher ;) What is so interesting to me are the things that people feel motivated to correct, some frame it as "edification," one another on.

Just a couple of days later this Facebook acquaintance posted that her elementary age daughter had "led her friend to Christ at recess". She said that she quizzed her daughter and it sounded like she had indeed did it. Responses flooded into her status update praising God and praising the awesomeness of her daughter. I didn't have that reaction, though. EVERYTHING in me wanted to respond exactly how she had responded to me, I wanted to respond with shock. I don't think it is appropriate to teach our children about "leading others to Christ". At least not in the sense that your kid comes up to my kid and asks about life after death, sin,  Jesus, and follows that up the Sinner's Prayer. I would be PISSED if my kid came home and told me your kid got him "saved" today. I would probably call the school and pitched a fit.

What if your kid came home and said, "Mommy! My friend Isaiah lead me in a prayer of repentance, he told me God loves gay people just the way they are. IN FACT Isaiah told me that God actually made them that way and that me calling them "sinners" is wrong- so he helped me pray and repent. I believe in God mom and I know God loves gay people just as they are..."

You see? We both believe in the Judeo-Christian God, yet our "God Almighty" is VERY different.

If you are wondering, no... I didn't respond. I quietly respected that we have very different values and that language, belief, and actions are very usually relative.