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Green Mountain at Fox Run, Binge eating, and Hope


These are my thoughts, yo.

Green Mountain at Fox Run, Binge eating, and Hope

jasmine banks


Have you ever heard of Green Mountain at Fox Run? I had not until I somehow landed on through blog hopping. I followed for some time and discovered a group of people who believed in the ideals I was beginning to believe myself.  

Diets and the "get skinny" mentality were well dressed distractions to avoid the real issues.

Food is not evil or flawed and you can trust yourself to make wise decisions

Diets don't work

Loving your body and who you are need to be the first steps to wellness

I lingered around for awhile and perused the info about Green Mountain at Fox Run. One day, awhile back, when I was stuck in the "I just need to go on a diet and I will feel so much better about me and my life" mode. Instead of making my calorie flow sheet and sticking it to the fridge I called Green Mountain at Fox Run. I spoke with their intake counselors and discovered how they work. I heard words like "intuitive eating", "healthy living without dieting", and "mindfulness".  I got off the phone feeling some hope, but wondering where I was planned on coming up with 3,000  big ones plus a flight. I determined  I didn't care... I'd scrap and save and do whatever. The most important thing, I decided, was to start saying I was going. I was going to will it to be true if I had to.

"I am going to go to Green Mountain at Fox Run," I'd say to myself.

Fastforward a year later. I gave up diets all together. I experienced weight loss as a result of LIVING, not dieting. I was learning to love my body and take care of it right  now, instead of when I get "skinny". I shot an email off to Marsha Hudnall and told her about my journey, where I was at emotionally, and what I felt was the missing piece to being equipped on my search for wellness. wholeness.

Imagine my surprise when I found out she read my blog and then offered for me to come to Green Mountain at Fox Run. That far off vision that I held hope for was  IS happening. I leave for Vermont February 19th. I am staying for a week and I will be blogging my adventure.

Hope does that

It helps push you toward revelation, discovery, and change. Hope compels us to move. Move beyond what we currently see or believe. Hope is a form of self love that whispers to you and encourages that the feeling you are feeling now won't last forever.