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These are my thoughts, yo.

Haikus About Life and the Heart

jasmine banks

What if someone stared you in the face and told you that you were settling for a life less than what you deserve. What if the person you thought you should love isn't equipped to love you?

Honestly? Most of us wouldn't do much about it. We are too paralyzed by fear of scarcity. We are too hemmed in by tradition to say "this marriage doesn't work" and walk away. I know someone who did… and I think she is one of the bravest fuckin' women I know. Forever and ever amen.

We are constantly trying to make logical decisions when the decisions we should make are the decisions of the heart. Our hearts matter, though we rarely admit it.  So many of us need to grieve and then recover. Our minds aren't broken, our hearts are.

Do you try and think logically through decisions that should involve the heart. Don't do that. It is the wrong tool to use… or so they say. I think we should trust our hearts.