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These are my thoughts, yo.

Happy Birthday Sadie

jasmine banks

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Well, in this case, they become friends and start a blog together. I am bossy and as stubborn as hell and Sadie is cranky and stuck in her ways and we are the best of friends. I was chatting with my friend Teej the other day. We were talking about the topics of true intimacy, friendship, and devotion. Sadie inevitably comes to mind. Some of us have not been fortunate enough to be born into families that are as 'put together' as others. For this reason some of us learn to create our own families. Teej and I have done this very thing. Sadie is a part of the motley of people that make up my family. She has been a sister to me, and I to her. We have taught each other that we are both valuable- by making each other priorities. We have watched each other grow and bring life into the world, we have held the other's babies, we have cooked and cleaned and laughed and cried and been utterly astonished at the true strength of real intimacy and devotion. We haven't always done it well- and we've done it our way. We have grown up together and for all of the faults in our relationship the one, most true theme, has been the transformative power of authentic redemptive love that bears with one another in all things.

Sadie deserves the best of love

Sadie deserves the kindest of touch

Sadie deserves people who will not just say, but will do... even when she is utterly incredulous and obstinate.

She deserves those things not because she has 'earned' it, or will pay it back well, or will even acknowledge or appreciate it. No. She deserves it because she is human, good and beautifully made, as we all are.



Happy Birthday Day Sadie! I'll come all the way from Africa at a moments notice to stand next to you in life ;)