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These are my thoughts, yo.

Heard Around the Brown House...

jasmine banks

We have a third child. ONE. TWO. THIRD! Sheesh... I am still adjusting. It is lovely, interesting, and chaotic. I thought I would pop in quickly to entertain your evening with some things that are being said around our home these days. Enjoy!  



"Please don't step on your brother."

"Babies aren't made to bend that way sweetheart."

"Well, if you are a baby again, Isaiah, you can have a vulva. But Addison was born with hers."

"It still looks like Tobias is in my belly because I am chubby son. You'll understand one day..."

"Addison. Your brother doesn't want a carrot. He has no teeth"

"Addison. Your brother doesn't like to be sat on. He is too tiny for that!"

" He is not very good at giving high fives yet, Isaiah, but he will be soon."

" Son. I don't  think you are old enough to call Tobias a 'whippersnapper' yet!"

" I don't know if he likes Lady GaGa yet son!"

"Yes. He WILL still be your brother EVEN if he doesn't like Lady GaGa."