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#HeNamedMeMalala: Take The Pledge!


These are my thoughts, yo.

#HeNamedMeMalala: Take The Pledge!

jasmine banks


  She was shot in the head for daring to say that girls should receive education. Malala Yousafza's story is not only a story about a little girl who faced extraordinary circumstances. It is also a story about parents who understood how to create enough space for an exceptional person to flourish. Her bravery is, in part, because she has parents who didn't accept the status quo for their children.

Join me and pledge to watch He Named Me Malala. Let us be people who parent fiercely. Let us seek to create space for our children to be radical, to be free, and to be empowered to own their power. He Named Me Malala is a documentary film about the life, family and personal journey of education activist & Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. The film will be a powerful way to share the importance of girls’ secondary education - and the determination of girls globally - with millions of people. I just watched the trailer and pledged to see the film, only in theaters October 2015. Will you join me?

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