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These are my thoughts, yo.

I Killed it Rather Quickly

jasmine banks

Here's a little gem for you, a story I wrote when I was somewhere around the 4th grade.   

Once I lived a life that was calm and easy. But about a year ago I left my house to find something new. I was inspired by a book called The Hobbit. The only thing I brought with me was a journal to keep track of the date and what happened to me. The first place that I lived was a small tree in the Himalayan Mountains. I lived there for about 2 weeks, short yet satisfying. The only adventure I had there was a mountain lion had tried to attack me. I killed him rather quickly and had mountain lion for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week because I didn't want it to go bad. Then I lived in Africa. There I made a hut to live in. I lived there for 3 months and had many adventures. The first one was a huge storm that lasted a week. I had just finished building my hut when the sky turned black. The wind was so bad it tore apart my little hut. I still have marks on me from the sticks and stuff whipping me. Once I was on a rock sitting and writing. I heard a noise like thunder. The sky was blue as a bluejay so it couldn't be thunder. I looked around me and saw a cloud of dust coming toward me, it was a stampede! I jumped up but couldn't think. Finally I saw a huge boulder, just big enough to save me, but still small enough to climb. One side was slick and smooth but the other side was covered with vines. I had to think fast because the stampede was coming. First I thought about getting a vine and using it to climb up the slick side, but I wouldn't be able to get a vine in time to get up. I decided to go up the vines. Suddenly my leg got stuck in a stick! I quickly pulled away and my pants fell off! I was wearing silk boxers with elephants on them but I didn't care because I was still alive! When I got down my pants were torn to shreds so I was forced to walk around in my boxers. The only problem I had with that was a tribe of people saw me and laughed because of my boxers.


If that isn't the cutest, craziest thing I have ever written! Happy Monday friends!