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These are my thoughts, yo.

Isaiah J. Brown: The Toad

jasmine banks

He has been known to say things like: "I need my space, I am feeling emotional"

"Feel me murder you MONKEEEEEEY."

"If Sister wants it she should have made me laugh"

"Oh. I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to Norah."

"I gonna get KRUNK!"

"What up, yo."

Ever since he stepped on the scene, June 9th of 2007, he has been challeging Garrett and me. He was a colic baby and I was a postpartum depression mom. We didn't bond at first and I had to actively create attachement with him after I recovered from the depression. Reagardless of our rough start we have been a quality match from the beginning. He is known, like mother, to stare at strange people in public, be snarky, inventive, wrestless, discontented, adventurous, strong willed, and sooo beautifully creative and unique. He is the best (and some times worst) of his father and me...all wrapped up in a mohawk toting little brown cutie.

He initiated me into motherhood and has taught me, nearly everyday, what it is like to step outside of myself. He is passionate about Thomas the Train, Edamame, singing to his eclectic playlist, and telling stories. He is an amazing "big brover" to Addison and best friend to Norah.

If parenting is about helping to build and launch an autonomous adult into the world; someone who will be able to stand on their own two feet, with you, making decisions and living life. If parenting is about NOT telling the child WHO they are but discovering who a child is with them. If parenting is about having your heart and mind stretched and being reminded that this little person has a world inside them that you are privelaged to see unfold before your eyes...well then, I am parenting for sure. This kid already has a coffee preference and isn't afraid to say so. He has made a mother out of me, and I am forever thankful. He is making me better and I can only hope I am being the parent he needs.

Today I am celebrating FOUR years will my precious boy. Four years of tears and laughter.

Four years of Isaiah J. Brown, My Toad!