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Lean Green Cuisine


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Lean Green Cuisine

jasmine banks


When I began Project Totus I knew I had to create a team to support me. The first thing I considered were my food choice. What started out as a human interest story about my struggle to get healthy after three consecutive pregnancies soon morphed into the start of a journey for total wellness. Total wellness, sometimes, means challenging ways you've lived before. Developing new habits and new ways of caring for one's self isn't always as easy as you see on television. Judy, from Lean Green Cuisine, signed on to my article project and agreed to help me form a habit of nutrient dense, delicious, vegan/vegetarian food. For a busy mom of three who really wanted to confront my eating issues, you can imagine the burden that was lifted by not having to think about meals for 4 weeks! We picked our first week of food up and enjoyed amazing dinners! The truth: some of it was hard to adjust to. Not because it wasn' well executed... just because we weren't used to the flavor combinations. We were a meat and potatoes kind of family, after all. The success of Project Totus Wk. 1 was largely in part to Judy, from Lean Green Cuisine. If you live in Northwest Arkansas stop into the Lean Green Cuisine catering shop and meet Judy. She will not only educate you, wow you with affordable organic and local delicious meals, but her kindness will astound you. She is a down to earth and approachable person- all the things, I think, make a great small business owner!


                                                        The Easiest Way To Healthy Eating


*We are the original natural-meals home-delivery service covering the  Northwest Arkansas area.  Our bulk gourmet meals are organic, low-fat, cholesterol-free, heart-healthy and great-tasting.  They come to you fresh and ready to eat in recyclable containers ready for portioning meal servings as you like for lunch or dinner.  You get a whole week’s worth of food (2 meals a day for 5-7 days) for...


                                      Only $70 for the standard size (plus sales tax and delivery).  What a deal !