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Life Still Blooms


These are my thoughts, yo.

Life Still Blooms

jasmine banks


So yesterday I published the sad reflection on what has been happening in my marriage. It was (and is) dark, painful, and raw. Like all things on the internet, if you take one snippet of something it can give a picture that is disproportionate. Yes, my marriage is on the rocks (has been for awhile, y'all). Yes, the company I was working for told me they were hiring me and then suddenly told me I didn't fit in culturally. Yes, OMG WHAT AM I GOING TO DO TO FEED MY KIDS NOW!



Life blooms and things are good and I am growing and so are my plants.

I am regrouping, refocusing, and rethinking plans. I've struggle with depression and anxiety so I've learned a little something over the years about the power of my mind.

I am not a victim.

I can choose.

So yesterday and today I am choosing to be well, to live well, to look toward the sun and be thankful for the life that*I* am creating...not my circumstances.

Life can be so very hard


Life Still Blooms


Look what is growing around my home...


pink hydrangeablooming tomatoesyoung broccoli