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Listen To Your Mother


These are my thoughts, yo.

Listen To Your Mother

jasmine banks



Mmhmm! I am in the cast of the Listen To Your Mother Show, NWA. I auditioned Saturday and got word last night that I would be in the line up. I'd like to believe I got in because I am a crazy awesome writer/performer of the spoke word...



I, however, think my getting into the cast might have something to do with the fact that in the same five minuets I talk about Chewbacca, my period, MTV Teen Mom,  lying about Dora the Explorer, scream the word "PISS" pretty loudly, and then almost start crying whilest talking about Easter.

Yeah, I know.

SO. If you are free April 29th,  want to see some talented women read their works, and want to support a good cause. BE HERE

Hope to see you at the show!