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Mascot Wear and Arkansas Razorbacks


These are my thoughts, yo.

Mascot Wear and Arkansas Razorbacks

jasmine banks


I moved to Arkansas in 2004 for college. Before Arkansas I lived in Oklahoma, and I wasn't much into sports. Admittedly, I am still not a big football fan- but I am slowly warming up to the idea. Collective Bias, a local Bentonville Company, hosts (from what I hear) an amazing tailgate at every home game...Y'all. I seriously didn't know what a tailgate party was until recently. I never knew about all the pomp and circumstance that is involved in being a fan of a college team. I am actually going to host a homegate party...because well, I am a little interested to see what all the fuss is about! I have been taken aback at all the die hard fan action that has been going on for the Arkansas Razorbacks. In light of recent victories I decided that I would accept a shopping opportunity from Collective Bias to check out Mascot Wear. I went to their website,, and took a look around before I headed out to shop.  I saw cute lil' Razorback outfits and attire. Now, as I said... I am not a football fan- but recent Pinterest Razorback cupcakes

and now these adorable hoodies have moved me to consider tailgating, homegating, and maybe even calling the hogs. Who have I become?!








Check out their stuff

When I arrived at Wal-Mart I had a hard time finding where they placed the Mascot Wear outfits. After I finally found where they were hidden (in an obscure section of the children's department) I was dissappointed that I only had two choices. One was the Razorback costume shown above and one was this cute hoodie.

I picked the hoodie and was quickly disappointed (again) at the price tag.

(!) What! Had it not been for this shop, I would have NEVER purchased something for a 2 year old that costs 18.00 dollars. Maybe it is because I am not a super fan, or maybe I am just cheap frugal- but if I wanna dress my little one up in Razorback attire, it can't cost this much.



So we purchased the hoodie. My little cranky lady refused to try it on, refused to have her picture taken, refused... well... the whole situation. She gets that cranky streak from me.





I DID, however, find someone who was happy to wear his Mascot Wear Razorback gear. I think he is a future Razorback :))


Are you a die hard Razorback Fan? Do you have a little one (size 2T and below) that would love a Mascot Wear Zip Up Hoodie? Leave a comment below calling the Hogs and you'll be entered to win the red and white cuteness. Stay tuned for my homegate prep. I am so proud of the Razorbacks and all their hard work! WOOOO PIG SOOIE!!!



THE WINNER of the Razorback Hoodie is NIKKI! NIKKI please email me your mailing info at jasmine at the brokins dot com ( so I can get your prize to you! :) Congrats!!!