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These are my thoughts, yo.


jasmine banks

I've never liked looking at myself in the mirror while exercising. In fact, during a few month stint when I was going to step aerobics with Jasmine I would actively avoid seeing myself. It was just too awkward looking, almost painful, my inability to figure out that stupid cha-cha step. But the other day in yoga I happened to turn my head and look over my arm, caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and my automatic response was to Quick! Avert the Eyes! I mean, Downward Dog is a little undignified to begin with, am I right? But something caught my eye. I wasn't embarrassed of myself, I didn't feel awkward or ashamed or like I should crawl inside my skin and hide.

Instead, my exact thought was, "Wow! That is a bitchin' downward dawg!"

Healing. Growth. Forward Motion. Beauty. Acceptance. Love.

I am learning these things.