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These are my thoughts, yo.

MommyBlogging: What have I become?!

jasmine banks

When I became hip to the idea of blogging I was a bit taken back. I was disgusted, really, by some of the content I saw. People are gushy over their babies and kids and entire blog posts about what their kid did at last weeks play date. "Um. I don't give a flyin' flip," I would think and then move on to something classy like I know! Envy how up scale I am. But listen, there is nothing like laughing at Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen to make you feel better about yourself.  


These days though, after my uterus has had a few occupants, I find myself doing the very same thing I found annoying. Talking about my kids, my uterus, their poop, what we had for dinner. Mommyblogging. Sometimes I get annoyed with myself and I'm all, "sheesh... get a REAL life Jasmine!" But then I remember that, for me, this is real life. Your write about what you are passionate about and doggoneit I am passionate about those poop slinging kids (NO LITERALLY... THEY THROW THEIR POOP!!! SICK!). So now I am a mommyblogger who sometimes pretends she'll have something important to say.

I think an important thing about this whole "blogging your life" business is that it creates a framework, a space, for you to be who you are, who you'd like to be, or see how others do things. It isn't so bad...

Or maybe I need to get a journal?

So when my kids leave home or are no longer the egocentric universe consuming toddlers that they are, I will move on to writing about my foodie adventures, being a therapist, or some other topic where I will play fast and loose with grammar and spelling. Until then, I appreciate the readers, the space to get all gushy about my kids, laugh at myself, and be a mommyblogger.

I don't think it is so bad.


P.S. The picture of Norah (Sadie's daughter) has no bearing in this post at all... I just think it is funny... and I am random. You are welcome!