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Monster Drinks and Distracted Drivers

jasmine banks

Thursday, as I said in my last post, I was headed to therapy. I was truckin' along merrily when the car in front of me swerved out of the way of a horse trailer that a man was pulling off the side of the road. It was no big deal, I had enough time to stop and I was two car lengths away... so I just slowed to a stop. Suddenly I heard brakes scream and realized it was ME who was being pushed down the road. The Ford Explorer behind me was busy drinking his Monster energy drink and arguing with his passenger. For the last half mile he had followed me as if there were a fire he had to get to, so I noticed him right away.Our van, a wonderful gift from my mother-in-law, is TOTALED. He hit me so hard that the back hath door was pushed into the back row of seats. Both sides of the van were crumpled and pushed forward. I got to ride in an ambulance and be carried around by firemen ( although I would have liked that minus the wreck.) Tobias was fine, despite my uterus being jammed into the stirring wheel. My neck is KILLING me from being thrown around and I am achey. My ER visit was super funny and there will be a post about that soon enough.... today, though I am thankful for best friends like Sadie who are always by my side, husbands like Garrett who care for me so kindly,  midwives like Janessa who come to the hospital and roll her eyes at medical staff who attempt to give me a catheter just for the hell of it, and the seat belt.... thank heavens for the seat belt. Buckle up friends!