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These are my thoughts, yo.


jasmine banks

So the other day I woke up with a strange and alien motivation to get up and out of the house within an hour of waking up. Usually it takes me a good three hours or so to get myself moving enough to leave the front door. But this weird day, I popped up out of bed and decided I needed to take the kids on a bike ride. In order to make sure that Motivation did not leave as quickly as it came, I scrambled around the house getting the kids at least halfway dressed and shoe-d so that we could make a pit stop at the park if necessary. I did the same with myself, tossing on a bra and a shirt, a bandana and some shoes and then zipping out all obnoxiously into the garage to get the bikes ready. So we left the house, Max in his puppy jammies and some red socks, Norah in grey sweatpants, tennis shoes and her panda bear jammie shirt, and me in a long-ish t-shirt, tennis shoes jammie pants which may or may not have been leggings.

Listen! Don't judge me! I know I was wearing leggings as pants, breaking the cardinal Brokins rule, but come on! I was riding my bike!

So we rode the bike and went to the park and I was accosted by some kids at the playground and one mom who was just so amazed at how TINY Max is and WOULD NOT stop talking about it. Like, I know. He's a shrimp of a kid. Leave me alone, lady! And then we rode home and I was all, I am so awesome, riding around town with my kids. I am capable! I am strong! I am a wonder woman! And this is where the story gets a little crazy.

I decided that we needed to go to Wal Mart to get some lunch food and I really wasn't interested in making a huge ordeal out of the trip. So I thought, well hey, I'll just take the kids out of the bike trailer and pop them in the car and then I'll get my wallet and we will go! No big deal, no big fuss. Which means, of course, that I was planning to go to Wal Mart in my leggings.

But I threw caution to the wind and took my legging wearing self to Wal Mart. And I will admit, I was feeling a little awkward when I got there and realized that essentially, I was not wearing any pants, but it was made all the worse when Norah decided she needed to wear her flip flops. These flip flops have been hiding in my car for months now, mostly because they are too big for her and are much more trouble than they are worth. But she found them and then threatened me with bodily harm if I did not put them on her feet. So I did. Because I believe her threats of bodily harm.

See, the problem with these shoes is that the back strap, that is supposed to keep them on her feet, always falls off, and really she could wear the shoes just fine without the straps, but she's Norah and she refuses to do that. So the walk from our car to the door of Wal Mart took infinitely londer than it needed to because Norah had to stop 5 times to fix her shoes. And at one point she SAT DOWN in the parking lot, in the middle of everything, to fix her infernal shoes. And remember, I am wearing leggings, so I'm trying not to draw too much more attention to myself and my basically naked bottom half, but when your kid sits down in the parking lot to adjust her shoes, can't really ignore that.

So we made it through the shopping excursion, leggings and flip flops and Max yelling at everyone. And it was honestly, one of the most awkward shopping trips I've ever taken. So that's what I get for waking up with Motivation.