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These are my thoughts, yo.

Moving from Ally to Accomplice

jasmine banks

How we see racism matters. Racism is an emotional matter and yet it tends to be couched as a theoretical discussion instead of an internalized state that shapes our existence.  Racism often becomes an action that we frame as a failure to provide for non-white others because of the difference that [white] people see within the “other.” This framing of racism is problematic because it supposes that the answer to the problem is non-white inclusion and access. Institutions and systems, like corporations, are NOT PEOPLE… and so we must frame our understanding of racism to include a *definition that reflects both the individual and collective outcomes of our actions.

The other day I recorded a lecture for a group of white women who are learning more about white supremacy and resistance. I created an outline of our class notes that I thought would be useful to share here. Check it out here