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MoxieLife Makes Me Think


These are my thoughts, yo.

MoxieLife Makes Me Think

jasmine banks


I've been thinking over the very subject of this post. Jackie does a great job at putting words to some of the things I've been considering about myself and about the world. I am slowly learning that the price of not being myself is too costly. Even the perceived  or real rejection has a smaller price tag then the darkness that grows inside me when I ignore the reality of who I am.

Be yourself. My teachers always told me.

Sometimes "being me" means people aren't going to like it. It can also mean, though, the the gap between my shadow and my public self isn't that big. It reminds me of the scene in Peter Pan.

Pan is attempting desperately to catch his shadow and sew it to his feet. I am doing that... one day at a time.


I encourage all you who've hidden your shadow in the closet and locked it away in an attempt to pretend it doesn't exist, unlock the door and start making friend with the unsavory parts of yourself.

The honesty you'll find there is worth it.

Go read Jackie's post. She is a wise lady