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Mrs Meyer's Clean Day: Cleans like THE DICKENS. Smells like a GARDEN GIVEAWAY


These are my thoughts, yo.

Mrs Meyer's Clean Day: Cleans like THE DICKENS. Smells like a GARDEN GIVEAWAY

jasmine banks


  We have had a rough couple of weeks around the Brokins! Updates soon to follow on our crazy lives- but for now, we'd like to take a quick break from our Occupy Small Business Shopping Guide to give away something awesome! Sadie and I are both HUGE fans of organic/natural/family friendly products.  As seen HERE.



Here is another one I love. I found Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day® whilst shopping for a better bathroom cleaner. The one I was using was all fume-y and toxic-y and I would choke every time I had to clean the bathroom. During my first pregnancy with The Toad, I began to discover the importance of organic and natural living. Ever since his birth our family has moved ever steadily toward more body friendly and environmentally friendly living. Sadie and I dub THESE awesome cleaners our favorites of ALL TIMES! For realsies... sometimes I just hand the countertop spray to my kidlets with a towel and let them wipe the floor (I birthed them to train them to clean, true story!) because the aromas that these little beauties carry just waft through the house- no need for air fresheners! adores this product SO very much we want to give it away. Tis the season of giving, after all.

TO enter our giveaway leave a comment expressing your adoration of Mrs.Meyer's Clean Day®, like this post on our Facebook Page, or Follow @Djazzo or @Sadieaperkins on The Twitters. Make sure to leave a comment letting us know you tweeted, followed, or "liked" us :)



The winner of our giveaway will receive This. This. This. and two awesome coupons to head to Wal-Mart and pick Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day® products of your choice!

We hope you'll love these delicious products as much as we do!